Conquest Plugin 1.7.2

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The famous Conquest mode from the Battlefield Games comes to Minecraft!

With an easy way to setup, you can start very quickly!

How it works:

You have two team, Team Red and Team Blue. Both Teams start with the same amount of tickets, wich are reduced by deaths or taken Flags. There are 5 Flags, wich can be taken by standing next to them. If the Flag reaches 100%, the enemy Team constantly loses Tickets. The Team wich reaches 0 Tickets loses.

So far it contains:

  • Stats shown in the Scoreboard
  • two Teams
  • five captureable Points (called Flags)
  • a Timer
  • tickets

How to get started

  1. download the latest .jar File
  2. put it in your plugins Folder and start/restart your Server
  3. go in the config File and edit the world in wich you want to play
  4. reload your Server
  5. set the Spawn-Points/Flags with “/c set <Flag>” (Details below)
  6. let the Players join
  7. everybody has to join a Team witch “/c join”
  8. start the Game with “/c start”
  9. Capture the Points or kill your Enemies to bring theire tickets to 0
  10. the Team who reaches 0 tickets, loses


If a player hasn’t joined a Team, he can damage and kill all persons!

I suggest use it as the only plugin/game on your server, because it might affect other games!


/c equals /conquest!

/c join | join the smaler Team

/c leave | leave your current Team

/c list | lists both Teams Players

/c spawn <Flag> | Sets Spawnpoint to A,B,C,D,E or Spawn (you must have captured the Flag to 100%)

/c start | start the Match (must be op)

/c stop | stop the Match (must be op)

/c set <flag> | Set the Flags/Spawns, there are the Flags A,B,C,D and E. And the Spawns: Red, Blue and Spawn (Spawn is for all Players in no team) (must be op)


Not done yet!


GameWorld: the world Conquest should run (String)

tickets: amount of tickets a Team has at the Beginning (Integer)

ticketsLosePerFlag: Amount of tickets the enemy Team loses per Flag you have captured (Double)

percentPerPerson: the speed of how fast one Person takes a Flag (so if its 5 and one Person is taking it, you get 5% per second) (Integer)

forceGM: true/false if true, everybody is forced to Gamemode Adventure (only Op, wich aren’t playing won’t be affected)

showWelcome: true/false Toggle the Welcome Message

WelcomeMsg: Message shown when someone joins the Server

AutoRestart: true/false Toggle if after a Round a new one starts

maxPlayer: maximum Amount of Players (Red Team + Blue Team)


  • there is some work to do, these are just the major points!
  • add Ability to give the Players Kits (wip)

Conquest Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: elvis394