ColorMatch Plugin 1.7.2

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Another nice minigame!
You get a colored wool in your Inventory and you have to jump onto the corresponding color! Multiple arenas can be set up that are joinable via signs/commands. As of now the last man standing wins, which can’t be changed. See further information and configuration options down below.


  1. Set the main lobby where all join signs will be: /cm setmainlobby

For each new arena:

  1. Set the waiting lobby (different than the main lobby!): /cm setlobby [name]
  2. Setup the minigame (will create a 64×64 area full with wool, be aware of that!): /cm setup [name]

To create a join sign:
1st line: colormatch; 3rd line: arenaname


Command Description Permission
/cm createanrea [name] creates a new arena colormatch.setup
/cm setlobby [name] sets the waiting lobby for a new arena colormatch.setup
/cm setup [name] sets the new arena up colormatch.setup
/cm setmainlobby sets the main lobby colormatch.setup
/cm join [name] joins a game per command
/cm leave leaves the game
/cm start [name] forces an arena to start colormatch.start
/cm reload reloads the config colormatch.reload
/cm list lists all arenas colormatch.list


  auto_updating: true # I recommend you to set that to true for bugfix releases etc.
  rounds_per_game: 10 # how many times the color will change per game
  min_players: 4 # amount of players required to start a game
  use_economy: true # if set to true, the winner get the money reward, if false, the item reward
  money_reward: 30
  itemid: 264
  itemamount: 1



  • fix lag issue
  • add scoreboard
  • add xp bar timer
  • add bungee support

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Credits: instancelabs