Colored Tags Plugin 1.7.4

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This plugin allows to set a color for the name tag above players’ heads, without using TagAPI or other dependacies. This plugin allows to create mixed colors, prefix and suffixes. It’s not meant to be a copy of NameTags, NametagEdit or similar plugins, but a better solution for compatibility with HealthBar (yes, even with the bars after the name! After showing health, the color/prefix/suffix will be restored).

How does it work?

This plugin uses the scoreboard, and it saves the teams to the disk, then it removes them on disable. It uses the Bukkit API, so it’s compatible with other plugin like HealthBar (But you must disable world selection for players, and permissions for players, otherwise they will not see the name). In the configs you can add even a prefix to a given user.
You cannot set a prefix or a suffix longer than 16 characters!

Common errors

  • Permissions related problems (90%)
  • Problems with tab names
  • Conflicting plugin, that uses the scoreboard system (ScoreboardStats will hide any colored tag, but v0.6.0 should be compatible)

Searching for a fix

Try to use the plugin on a clean craftbukkit with no other plugins. If Colored Tags works, it may be a compatibility problem. Try to add other plugins until the tags will not work anymore, so you have found a conflicting plugin.
Try to enable permission-debug to check that users have the correct permission.

If you don’t see colored names on the tab list, but the plugin is working with name tags, check that other plugin doesn’t change the tab names (like HealthBar, Essentials).

Permissions Tutorial

Permission nodes

IMPORTANT: do not mix these permissions to make a formatted color (e.g. bold + green + underlined), create your custom colors instead.
coloredtags.magic (unreadable name!)

IMPORTANT: you must negate the permission nodes for groups that inherits these permissions from other groups, or they will have the same prefix(or a random one)! You can negate coloredtags.* and after add the color that you want. The order is important! You can enable permission-debug to see what’s wrong with permission on login or on /ctags reload.

Custom permissions

Custom permissions are for custom colors (eg red + bold) or for adding prefixes (eg [Admin]) to the name tag. They work just like other permission nodes. You can look at the configuration to learn how to create them.

Common errors and inheritance issues

If you have trouble with permissions, first enable permission-debug (the plugin will tell you the permission found for a user when he joins).

Suppose that there are two groups in your permissions manager: USERS and ADMINS. ADMINS inherit permissions from USERS.ADMINS will have all the permissions from USERS group. This is how the file looks like with PermissionsEx:

    - example.permission
    - example.admin
    - users

Now we will add a colored tag to USERS; ADMINS will have the same color too, because they inherit all the permissions. We want ADMINS to have a red tag. We negate the permission inherited from users (, “-” is the negation symbol for PermissionEx. We add the permission for the red color to ADMINS.

    -   # This is a negated permission
    - users

Want something easier?

This will work on all the groups: negate the permission coloredtags.* and after add the wanted color the the group. Keep in mind that the order of the permissions makes the difference.

    - -coloredtags.*   # The negation node MUST be after the color,
    inheritance:        # or they won't have any permission.
    - users

You can even setup more groups (USERS, MODS, ADMINS) with this method, giving them a negation node and a normal permission for the color.

    - -coloredtags.*
    - -coloredtags.*
    - users
    - -coloredtags.*
    - mods


command permission info
/ctags, /coloredtags ? info about the plugin
/ctags reload coloredtags.reload reloads the config and custom permissions
/ctags update coloredtags.update permission to receive update notofication on join and execute the command

Configuration file

# Here you can create your mixed colors and prefixes. you choose what permission node to set and you can use it like every other node.

# You can use these placeholders, that will be replaced by
# the corresponding symbols:
<3 = ?
[*] = ?
[**] = ?
[p] = ?
[v] = ?
[+] = ?
[++] = ?
[x] = ?
[/] = ?


  # Format:
  - '[permission]: [prefix] <name> [suffix]'
  # You must replace [prefix], [suffix] and [permission]. <name> will be
  # replaced by the name of the player that is using that color.

  - coloredtags.bold_red:&c&l     #This will produce a bold and red tag
  - coloredtags.bold_underline:&l&n
  - 'coloredtags.admin: &4[Admin]&c '
     # ? to use spaces you must use single quotes!

# Should the plugin change even the tab names?
change-tab-names: true

# This disables the default permissions, if you want to use only custom colors.
use-only-custom-permissions: false

# The updater will check for a new version on every startup, and it will notificate players with coloredtags.update if an update has been found.
update-notification: true

# If you get a different color than the one that you choose, you may want to use this, it will tell you what permission nodes does a player have on login, so you can negate them that permission (be careful with groups inheritance).
permission-debug: false

# Disable this if you have a plugin for changing death messages. With this set to true, ColoredTags will attempt to hide the team prefix and suffix from the death messages.
fix-death-messages: true

# If enabled, tags will be recalculated every minute, without manually do /ctags reload.
refresh-every-minute: true

Errors or bugs? Post a ticket!

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