Colored Broadcast Plugin 1.7.2

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Colored Broadcast

Colored Broadcast


Colored Broadcast is a simple and efficient way for your moderating/administrating team to broadcast messages to your players with colored messages. You don’t have to stick with the default [Server] and [Broadcast] Messages anymore!


Colored Broadcast is really simple to install, just drag and drop the .jar into your plugins folder, and reload or restart your server, and done!


To use Colored Broadcast, you will go in game (or console, if you prefer) and type the following command: /cbroadcast <colorcode> <message>

An example of this is: /cbroadcast d [Server] Hello Players, this is a message!

This would broadcast a message in the default /say color.

You can use any colors that you can use in-game, for a full list visit here:

Aliases: /cb


To allow a user to use the /cbroadcast command, they must be either op, or have the coloredbroadcast.broadcast permission node, you can apply permission nodes to users in your permissions plugin.

Known Bugs

Currently there isn’t any known bugs in this plugin, if you come across one, please tell me what you did and the error that it gave you.

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Credits: HeXeRei452