CmdPotion Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 643 views |

Since 1.5 is out it and you can make /effect commands, this plugin my be useless. However, I will continue to update this plugin for those who still want a plugin that does this that is permissions based.


This plugin allows you to type a command and be effected by potions. Each effect last 20 seconds.


/potion ? List of potions.

/potion [effect] ? Gives the effects of a potion.

/potion remove ? Removes all effects.


cmdpotion.use ? Allows the use of the plugin.

To Do

  • Add permissions support
  • Config file (coming v1.0)
  • Ability to change the duration of potions. (coming v1.0)

Change Log

v0.4 ? Bug fixes. Updated to 1.7.2

v0.3 ? Added permissions support.

v0.2 ? Added /potion help and /potion remove, removed wither effect.

v0.1 ? Initial release.

CmdPotion Plugin 1.7.2 Download Links

Credits: techzone707, radarz