Clockwork Planter Plugin 1.7.2

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Clockwork Planter ? The automated planting machine:

This device is a user crafted machine that when activated will till the soil, and plant wheat, potatoes or carrots depending on its inventory. The basic idea is to alleviate the tedium of creating large production farms and add some much needed automation to the process.

This plugin allows for permissions, crafting limits, and planting distance. It will smartly till the ground and plant only in areas that have the space available. It also respects worldguard regions to prevent users from planting in areas they should not. I’ve attempted to balance this device so that its creation isnt something that beginner players can easily attain. Might be good as a high level server donation item.


  • Permissions support via, bPermissions, bukkit permissions, permissionsEX, niji permissions, vault or OPs.
  • Will respect WorldGuard regions for planting crops
  • Mid to late game crafting recipe level
  • Must use a diamond pick to break or planter will be lost
  • Planters can only be destroyed by owner or admin permission? and explosions
  • Config option for max planter amounts
  • Config option for max planting distance
  • Will till soil from grass, or dirt and plant carrots, potatoes and wheat
  • Uses a dropper as its base item so it can be powered by redstone
  • Makes the golden hoe a useful item


To use, place the new planter item in front of some dirt or grass and put the desired crop seeds into the planter inventory. Use a button or some other redstone signal to turn on the planter. The planter can be removed correctly with the diamond pick. Other picks or items used will destroy the planter and not drop the block.


allowed to create, place, and destroy own planters
allowed to destroy others owners planters
if debug modes are enabled will output debug info to this player
allows this player to exceed the max planter build limit


The item can be crafted on a workbench with the following ingredients: 1 dropper, 1 gold hoe, 2 emeralds, and 1 piece of quartz.

In the following shape:
D = Dropper   
G = Gold Hoe  
E = Emerald   
Q = Quartz    
* = Air / Nothing


There are 3 debug modes to help if problems happen:

1 ? shows permissions traps
2 ? will display who the owner of planters when left clicking on a planter ? requires admin permission
3 ? will show errors that might happen with worldguard. log in the console

If a user is not online and worldguard is enabled the planters for that user will not autoplant.

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Credits: arcvvolf