ClearEverything Plugin 1.6.4

Updated: May 28, 2015 | 563 views |

Clear Everything has a set of command that can clear any player’s inventory, enderchest, potion effects, the chat, and much much more!You can configure all of the messages!

Commands and Permissions

Command Function Permission
All Commands Access to all of the commands clear.*
/ci Clears your inventory clear.clear
/ci (name) Clears another player’s inventory clear.clearothers
/ca Clear everyone’s inventory clear.clearall
/clc Clears the chest you are looking at clear.clearchest
/cc Clears the chat
/ce Clears your enderchest clear.enderchest
/ce (name) Clears another player’s enderchest clear.enderchest.others
/cp Clears all your potion effects clear.potion
/cp (name) Clears a player’s potion effects clear.potion.others
/ct Clears all the tags on an item clear.tags
/rc Reloads ClearEverything’s config clear.reload
/cd (radius) Clears nearby item drops clear.drops


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Credits: MirrorRealm