ChgUsers Plugin 1.7.2

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The ultimative Tool to fake your Online Player Number!

Do you know the problem when you vanish from other players with a fake logout using Vanish or some other Plugin,
but if a player looks in his Server List and the Tab List he knows, that you are vanished?


  • Download Bibo38Lib and ChgUsers and put them into your plugins folder.
  • Start or reload your Server


Only remove the jar-File from your plugin folder.


  • /chguser help [command] ? Give you detailed informations about the Command including Permissions
  • /chguser reset ? Reset the Player values to the normal values
  • /chguser reload ? Reload the Plugin Configuration
  • /chguser autoadd [number] ? Adds or Remove(-) automatical a number of players to the normal values
  • /chguser setplayers [number] ? Set the Online Players permanent to number
  • /chguser hide [player] ? Hides a player completely from Craftbukkit
  • /chguser show [player] ? Unhides a hidden Player
  • /chguser fake [name] ? Creates a fake Player with a given Name
  • /chguser sudo [name] [command] ? Executes a Command as a fake Player
  • /chguser remfake [name] ? Removes a fake Player

Supported Permission Plugins

This Plugin supports many Permissions Plugins using Vault


Please contact me via PM if you want to donate something.


I have tested this Plugin in the following environments:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with openjdk-7 and Craftbukkit Build Nr. 2889

Please report all Problems or ideas for this Plugin in the Tickets Panel and give me the error log of the Issue
Without an error log your Issue or Issue comment will be deleted!

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Credits: bibo38