ChatManager+ Plugin 1.7.4

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ChatManager is a lightweight Bukkit Plugin for changing everything in Chat like Prefix, Suffix or the Name!



This Plugin is very usefull if you want to edit the complete Chat. You can add similar Prefix to specified Players or the Suffix of them ? With one Command! You also can use the Function to set a specified Prefix to a Player if he is New. This Plugin will set no limits! If you want a new Feature, to enhance this Plugin, easy write a Comment and I add it.
Oh well.. I am looking for Translators to make it available to switch the Language! Write a Comment what language you can translate or send me a Mail to [email protected]


This Plugin is constructed easy: You only need to enter one Command or change a Word to cause much!
To Change the Prefix you need to Enter /prefix [Name] [Prefix], the Permission is called cm.prefix. To change a Suffix you’ll need to Enter /suffix [Name] [Suffix], the Permission is called cm.suffix.
Now lets explain you how to change the completely Chat Format:
In your “ChatManager” Folder in the your plugins directory you find a config named config.yml ? Open it and you’ll find the following chapter: format: ‘{Prefix} {Name} {Suffix}: {Message}’ ? You can easily change everything withing the , but Imagine:
{Prefix} means your entered Prefix, {Suffix} your entered Suffix, {Name} the Players Name, {Message} the written Message from the Player.
At Last you need to know, how to Set the Prefix for new Joined Players: You need to open the config.yml again. There you’ll find the Chapter firstjoin: ‘&e[Guest]’ ? Means every new Player got the Prefix [Guest] (I couldn’t add the Colors here, but Ingame you’ll see it).To see all these Introduction you need to enter /chatmanager or /cm.


Done Adding Suffix-Support
Done Code Clean Up
Done Adding first-join Prefix
Done Adding More Color-Code Support
Not Done Adding a Help-Site

I uploaded the v0.3 but it’s not aproved yet, so you have to wait for the Features above, if the v0.3 isnt uploaded yet.


Skype: rene-uchiha
Ingame: DarkCookieee
E-Mail: [email protected]
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