Change Item Display Name Plugin 1.5.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 726 views |

(Version: 1.1.0)

(Original plugin name: (AG152) Change Item Display Name)

This plugin allows you to edit the name of the items, adding or not, colors, and fonts. He uses a permissions system, to ensure the safety of the server adminsitradores. Soon he will have more features!


/item (Desired name) = Edits, and set new display name of item in your hand.
(You can sue &<color> for add an color :P)
Need that permission to use: itemname.change



Development: AtomGamers(Or Atom)

Source Code / Build Project

You need the source code of this plugin to perform an edit to your server?
Send private message to me!

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Credits: AtomGamers