Carz Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 838 views |

== Update! ==

Hey guys! Great news the plugin has been updated with help from VinceGuy1, we have brought back on of your favourite plugin and NO PLUGIN DEPENDENCIES are required :3 Hope you guys are as happy as I am that this plugin has returned!

Note: To drive you will need a stick in your hand ? Apart from that, nothing has noticeably changed.**

== Features ==

  • Drive cars on land!
  • Awesome upgrade feature
  • Update checker
  • Simple to use!
  • Simple permissions
  • Endless fun and role play
  • Drag n’ Drop

== Description ==

Do you have a server that has a city theme? Want to add more realism by driving on any surface? Then this is the perfect plugin for your server!

When you add Carz to your city, the only limit is your imagination. You can add streets which can contain parking lots, drive throughs (for shops), car washes and loads more! The fun never ends! ?

== Permissions ==

? carz.use : Use a car

? carz.admin : Reload config, destroy all carz

? carz.upgrade : Upgrade your car

? : Place a car

? carz.bypass : Bypass the upgrade limit

== Commands ==

  • /Carz ? Displays About
  • /Carz Destroy ? Destroy the Car you’re using
  • /Carz Destroyall ? Destroy all the Cars in the map
  • /Carz Upgrade ? Shows upgrade info (3.2)
  • /Carz Speed ? See what speed you are travelling
  • /Carz Help ? Show commands ingame (3.2)

How to upgrade (3.2)

Hold an upgrade material (coal or TNT) then right click. Speed is applied instantly, and use sneak to drop a mine.


Want to ask me a question or just a general chat, add me on skype: iA5H73Y

I will accept as soon as I see it and will answer any / all questions and am open to suggestions.

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Credits: A5H73Y, Vinceguy1