Cake Farm Plugin 1.6.4

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Cake Farm

Simple to use fun plugin allows players to grow cake.
Basically after crafting 8 Cake seeds from a cake, you can grow them just like a pumpkin or melon plant. At the same frequency as a pumpkin or melon the plants will grow a cake next to the plant. The same rules apply to these cakes as any other. So in order to harvest one you have to eat it.

Installation Cake Farm Plugin [1.6.4]:

  1. Download the .jar to your servers plugins folder.
  2. Reload/Restart your server.
  3. Start growing Cake!

Farming cake:

  • Craft a cake. (just like normal.)
  • Place the cake in the crafting table.
  • Plant the seeds in tiled soil with an empty space next to it. (just like pumpkins or melon.)
  • Wait for it to grow! And wait for your Cake!

Permissions Cake Farm Plugin [1.6.4]:

default: op
description: Allow user all permissions.
cake.craft: true
default: false
description: Allow user to craft cake seeds.


No config!

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Credits: qhenckel