Bulldozer Plugin 1.6.4

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If you download the plugin or like the idea, I would love some feedback in the comments.

Bulldozer is designed to be a powerful tool for Minecraft landscape manipulation and geometric shape creation.

The goal of this plugin is to make the construction of large and/or tall structures easier and faster by eliminating the need to spend significant amounts of time on preparing land and repetative identical block placements.

If there’s a bug you find or a feature you think would be cool in this plugin, please tell me. I monitor this page on a daily basis, so I will most likely see it.

Current Version ( Alpha v6.2 )

  • No longer need to edit the config.yml for permissions. The OPs (Operators) of the server will be the only ones that have access to the plugin commands.
  • SubIDs You can now edit in blocks like wool or stained clay or even various logs. For the block IDs, do (main block ID):(sub ID). An example is ” 35:15 ” for Black wool.
  • /replace Command added
  • Code cleanup

What To Know

  1. Running Bulldozer for the first time? Upgrading to a changed version? Read this real quick for the changes / features.
  2. Use /marker for the flint you can right click with to select
  3. Use /clear when you want to make something somewhere else (otherwise everything gets done off the first block selected)
  4. Use /undo to undo a bad edit
  5. Use /undo all to undo everything since you logged in and started editing
  6. Forgot what the command is? Check this page or the README.txt in the .jar file.
  7. OR do the base command:
  8. Forgot the command for box? Do /box
  9. Forgot the sphere command? Do /sph


  • Place the Bulldozer.jar in the plugins folder.
  • Load the server (Bulldozer will display a message that it was enabled)
  • Give all those you want to give access operator (OP) status with ” /op [player name] “
  • Edit away!


Variable Description
-c Chunk ( Do something on the selected chunks )
-p Block ( Do between the farthest blocks of the selection )
-f Filled ( Make the shape with the blocks inside filled in )
-h Hollow ( Make the shape with the inside the same )
Block ID The ID of the block you want the edit to be done with. Ex: 1 for Stone / 35:11 for Blue Wool
High Offset How much of an extra height to add to the edit
Low Offset How much of an extra depth to add to the edit
Height How high the shape should be
Radius How far from the first selected block the shape should be made

Command List

Command Description Flags
/marker Gives the player a flint “marker” None
/clear Clears the current player’s selection.
Very important to clear if you want to make something somewhere else
/clearall Clears the selections of all players in the server None
/box [Flag]
[Block ID]
[High Offset]
[Low Offset]
Makes a box from the farthest selections -c OR -p
/border [Flag]
[Block ID]
[High Offset]
[Low Offset]
Makes a wall from the farthest selections -c OR -p
/cyl [Flag]
[Block ID]
[Low Offset]
Makes a cylinder -f OR -h
/sph [Flag]
[Block ID]
Makes a sphere -f OR -h
/cone [Flag]
[Block ID]
[Low Offset]
Makes a cone -f OR -h
/replace [Flag]
[Block ID to find]
[Block ID to change to]
[High Offset]
[Low Offset]
Replaces the area filled with one block with the other -c OR -p
/undo Undo one edit None
/undo all Undo all possible edits made on your character None
/undo clear Wipe the clipboard for undo-ing None
? ?
/pyramid Not ready Unknown
/markChunks Mark the chunk borders (Not ready) Unknown
/chunk Save chunk data (Not ready) Unknown


  • All issues should be reported in the comments.

Features To Implement

  • [Done] Selection with a marker item
  • [Done] Database connection and management
  • [Done] /undo command
  • [Done] /sph command
  • [Done] /cyl command
  • [Done] /border command
  • [Done] /cone command
  • [Done] /replace command
  • [Done] SubIDs for Wool + Stained Clay + Others
  • [Done] Help commands (simply do /box or /cone or /sph)
  • Other shapes / structure methods
  • More.. (suggest in comments if desired)

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Credits: TheCriticalError