BukkitColors Plugin 1.6.4

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This plugin allow you to see all chat color codes/formatting codes for the people who are sick of having to pull up their browser constantly while trying to do things in-server. Have Essentials? You don’t need this plugin! Use /info Colors or /einfo Colors, they give the same information as this plugin! An example of what it looks like shown below.

MAKE SURE TO UPDATE! The latest update adds support to USE these color codes! Its in version 1.4.1, so we gotta wait for it to be approved. Big thanks to AlreadyCoded for helping me with it(link to profile in update description)



  • /colors ? Currently the one and only command. Permission to use given by default, but can be taken away.
  • /colors [args] ? Currently valid arguments: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Gray/Grey, White, Black, Yellow, Gold. NOTE: All commands also work with /colours, for those British users.


  • bcolors.use ? Allows use of /colors. Given to all users by default.
  • bcolors.chat.colors ? Allows use of the color codes in chat.
  • bcolors.chat.format ? Allows use of the format codes in chat.

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Credit to: chrisman0091