No Break Plugin 1.7.2

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What is no Break? No Break is an extremely easy to use, extremely lightweight plugin that disables block breaking and placing for players without a permission.


Ever wanted to disable block placing/breaking without the hassle of having a huge plugin where you have to configure everything? Hate it how players you don’t trust can grief to their hearts content? Then No Break is the plugin for you! No Break is great for hub servers, because super lightweight, using the least amount of code possible, doesn’t interfere with the gameplay, and it’s extremely simple to install and use! No Break is also great for new players on your server, so you can make sure that you trust them before you allow them to build!


  • Download No Break
  • Stop your server
  • Drag the .jar file to your plugins folder in your server
  • Restart your server Your done! If you want someone being able to break blocks, simply give them the permission nobreak.ignore


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Permission support
  • No advanced configuring to do


nobreak.ignore: allows the player to break and place blocks. default: OP

nobreak.toggle: allows the the player to toggle nobreak. default: NONE


/nobreak toggle ? toggles nobreak on or off


None needed!

Feature Suggestion

If you have any suggestions for No Break, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments!

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Credits: Jojodmo2010