BowLaunch Plugin 1.7.2

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BowLaunch allows you to shoot a bow, and ride on top of the arrow you shot(Given you have the permission)! This is a great donator perk as well as a fun plugin for admins to use! Use this plugin to launch on top of mountains, get into a pvp battle, or just “falcon punch” mobs!


  1. Ride on top of arrows shot out of a bow
  2. Great donator perk as well as some admin fun
  3. Command /bowlaunch to enable/disable arrow riding yourself (Good for if you just want to play normally)
  4. Permission bowlaunch.launch to use the command as well as ride on arrows
  5. Cooldown between riding shots so players can’t fly (5 seconds default)


  1. Download latest jar file
  2. Drag it into your server’s plugin folder
  3. Restart server
  4. Give yourself correct permissions, and type /bowlaunch to enable arrow riding
  5. Enjoy!


bowlaunch.launch ? Allows the user to use /bowlaunch as well as ride on arrows in general


/bowlaunch ? Toggles arrow riding on/off for yourself


No configuration at the moment!

Planned Features

  1. Config for messages
  2. Config for cooldown time
  3. Fix for survival not working well
Give suggestions via tickets for future features!

BEFORE COMMENTING: Please post suggestions, bugs, errors, etc. via a ticket! Also please post error logs via

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Credits: ThatRhuenn, eveninglight