Bow Spleef Plugin 1.6.4

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? The Original Bow Spleef ?


Our plugin’s goal is to eliminate the work of having bowspleef on your server, while making it easy for your players and admins to understand! We update the plugin regularly for the most recent release of Bukkit, and are constantly adding new features! Enjoy! We will be uploading a new version of code every week at the latest, and usually every few days. If we don’t update the code for more than a week, expect big things because it means we are really working hard on bringing you the best experience available.


Player Commands

/bs join (arena) ? Join an Arena

/bs quit ? Quit the current Arena

/bs list ? List all of the Arenas

/bs vote ? Vote to start an arena

Admin Commands:

/bs create (arena) ? Creates a new arena

/bs delete (arena) ? Deletes an existing arena

/bs set (arena) (option) (value) ? Set various options for an Arena

/bs regen (arena) ? Regenerate the floor of an Arena






How to Set-Up BowSpleef

How to Use BowSpleef

Setting up an Arena

To start, create an arena with /bowspleef create <arena-name>

Before running the next steps, make sure you have a square floor of tnt, with any decorations, etc

hint: make a circle arena by creating a square arena, and blocking off part of it

Stand in one corner of the arena, and type /bowspleef set <arena> pos1

Stand in the opposite corner of the arena, and type /bowspleef set <arena> pos2

Now go to where you want players to spawn when the game starts, and type /bowspleef set <arena> spawn

Stand where you want the lobby/waiting area to be, and type /bowspleef set <arena> lobby

If you want to change the minimum players in a game, type /bowspleef set <arena> min value

Enable the arena with /bowspleef set <arena> enabled

Joining an arena

Join an arena with /bowspleef join <arena> or by right clicking a sign

The game will automatically start if 2/3 of the maximum players have joined, or players can start if the minimum players have joined with /bowspleef vote

/bowspleef vote


-Multiworld Support

-Create multiple arenas running BowSpleef

-Save inventories, postions, and gamemodes

-Intuitive Automatic Quit System

-Command Blocker

-Join Signs

Planned Features:

?Red: Working on this, hopefully will be released soon!

?Blue: Coming in next update, waiting for Bukkit to approve

-Allow for any item to be the floor of the arena

-Create teams, Red vs Blue

-Allow bows to be upgraded with credits for faster shooting

-Circular Floor Creation

-More configurable configuration file

-Automatic Arena Creation


Last Update Added:

-Fixed bugs with joining and leaving

-Vault Support

-Fixed Join Signs


Servers using BowSpleef

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Credits: OlsonElliott, UntoldAdventures, respawnablegaming