Blue Book Plugin 1.7.2

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Blue Book

Version: v1.2

The MineCraft Price Guide!

Setting up a shop? How much should you sell a Diamond Chestplate for? Is that set of bookshelves a good deal? Stop picking prices at random and use this plugin instead! Bento’s Bluebook will give you a sane price for an item. Once you know that, you can decide if you want to set the price higher, to make a bit of profit, or a bit lower to encourage sales. Very useful for admins who want to set up malls or stores quickly and not break the economy. Prices are calculated from base prices that you can set in the config file. A nominal “profit” can be added.


  • Provides a guide price for any blocks or items when a player hits a chest or sign with an object
  • Prices are linked and based on what it takes to craft items
  • Base material prices are configurable by the Admin to suit server differences
  • Permissions enable access to certain players, or admins only

New Features

Now covers even more items including:

  • Potions
  • Stained clay, glass, etc.
  • All craftable 1.7.2 items and blocks
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added MCStats

Required Plugins

  • Vault (to show your server’s correct currency symbol)


Please file a ticket if you find a bug.


None ? just hit a chest or sign with the object you want priced


Only Ops will have automatic access to the BlueBook. If you want to allow it for others, you will need to give them the following permission:

  • ? Permission to see the price guide

Installation and Configuration

  1. Download the plugin (bluebook.jar)
  2. Place into your plugins folder
  3. Restart your server (or reload plugins)
  4. The plugin will make a folder called BlueBook. Open that folder.
  5. Check config.yml and set the prices how you like. Usually the ones in there will already make sense.
  6. Restart the server if you changed the prices
  7. Set up permissions, e.g., with Pex, if you want to give permission to everyone use: /pex groups default add
  8. Reload permissions, e.g., /pex reload
  9. Enjoy!


If you never customized the config.yml file, then just make sure you delete it so that new items will be added to it. If you did customize config.yml, then move it to a temporary file, reload or restart the server and compare the new config.yml with your old one. New items will be placed at the bottom of the list and marked with a comment.

To Do

  • Add pricing for enchanted items
  • Enable different types of logs, wood and derivative items to have different prices ? currently they are all the same
  • Anything else ? let me know!


Post any ideas in the comments ? thanks to those who have downloaded!

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Credits: tastybento