BlockCrusher Plugin 1.7.2

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BlockCrusher is a plugin which comes from my want to create an automated tree farm. I needed a way to break the wood blocks and this plugin is the realization of it. What BlockCrusher does is change the way pistons work. Normally when a piston pushes against an unmovable block, the piston does not extend. However, I have made it so the block(s) in between the piston and the unmovable block will break naturally as if you had mined it yourself.

The plugin is very simplistic as it should be. There are no commands, there are no permissions. There are two configuration options which are detailed below.


The first configuration item is break_block_mode which has four modes:

  1. None ? Disables the plugin
  2. First ? The block being pushed is broken.
  3. Last ? The block being pushed against an unmovable block is broken. [Default]
  4. All ? All blocks from the block being pushed to the last block are broken.

The second configuration item is breakable_blocks which is a list of blocks that can be broken against an unmovable block. All other blocks will behave normally.

BlockCrusher Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: majora2007