BlockBank Plugin 1.6.4

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BlockBank was developed in order to provide a complete banking system for RPG/Adventure servers that prefer that their banking system be more realistic. BlockBank allows players to establish banks that other players can deposit/withdraw money from, create safety deposit chests. Players earn interest on their deposits, and pay interest on their loans. Each bank can set their hours of operations, location, the interest rates paid/charged, and if the “creepy bill collectors” are sent to collect on delinquent accounts. Players can have multiple accounts in each bank, and players can co-mingle accounts into a single vault inside the bank to allow for shared access. To establish a vault in the bank, players place a sign on a vacant chest in the bank’s vault room to associate it with the first account that does not have a vault. These chests are protected by the bank’s security guard and prevent anyone other than the account holder from accessing them (similar to the Lockette plugin).

Current Version

Version 1.0.11


Requires the Vault plugin.


Drewper & Hitechwizard, those great guys running! Come see the plugin in action at

How To Use

As most bankers to, banks have operating hours and transactions can only occur when the bank is open. Check out the info for each bank for information on their hours of operation.

Open an Account

As a bank customer, the first step would be to open an account. Simply enter the bank and use

/bank open 1500

This will open your account with $1500. Each bank has their own minimum balance, so check their info to see. Be careful about depositing money into shady banks. If the bank has loaned out more money than its investor put in and the bank does not have the funds available, your request to withdraw money from the bank may be denied. The bank’s current deposit to loan ratio is displayed as part of it’s information page.

Make a Deposit

Depositing money is simple, and smart because the bank will pay you interest on your deposits. If you have multiple accounts, just specify the account number as well.

/bank deposit 475.29 1325323

This will deposit $475.29 into account #1325323. If you omit the account number, the teller will locate your first account for you.

Make a Withdrawal

Works exactly like making a deposit, except use “withdraw” instead of “deposit”.

Getting a vault

Once you have at least one account established, you may claim a vault container in the bank. To do so, just place a sign on any of the chests located in the bank and it will then be associated with your account.


The bank’s security is pretty tight. If you attempt to open a vault that does not belong to you or otherwise attempt to grief the bank, the bank’s security guard is authorized to use lethal force.


Bank owners can open ATMs to allow players to perform transactions as if they were in the bank. ATMs are not limited to the world the bank is located in, which makes you banking more convenient.


Most commands can be shortened to the first letter of the command. For example:

/bank d 500

will deposit $500 into your first bank account. Also, you can substitute {yes|no}, {1|0}, {true|false} anywhere the options are {on|off}

  • /bank info ? Show information about the bank you are currently in.
  • /bank list [world] ? Show all the banks, optionally limiting it to just the specified world.
  • /bank [accounts|balance] ? Show all of your accounts.
  • /bank deposit {amount} [account] ? Deposits amount into the account specified (or the first account found)
  • /bank withdraw {amount} [account] ? Withdraws amount from the account specified (or from the first account found)
  • /bank borrow {amount} ? Opens a loan account if the bank finds you are credit worthy.
  • /bank pay [amount] ? May a payment on your loan(s). Amount defaults to the lesser of cash in hand or the loan balance.
  • /balance ? Show the amount of money on hand and in all your BlockBank Accounts
  • /balancetop ? Show the player money rankings

Bank Owner Commands

  • /bank create {bank name} ? Establish a bank (Requires a minimum investment specified in config.yml)

For these commands, the bank name is optional if your are currently located in the bank.

  • /bank update {bank name} announcements {on|off} ? Turn broadcast announcements for this bank on or off
  • /bank update {bank name} location {x1} {y1} {z1} {x2} {y2} {z2} ? Change the location designated as the bank
  • /bank update {bank name} rate {savings|loan} {rate} ? The rate paid/charged for accounts
  • /bank update {bank name} open ? The minecraft hour the bank opens.
  • /bank update {bank name} close ? The minecraft hour the bank closes.
  • /bank update {bank name} minimum {savings|loan} {amount} ? Set the minimum amount to open an account.
  • /bank update {bank name} owner {playerName} ? Change the owner of the bank.
  • /bank update {bank name} maxOfflineInterest ? Number of days account owner can be offline before forfeiting any interest earned.
  • /bank update {bank name} abandoned ? Number of days account owner can be offline before the account is abandoned.
  • /bank update {bank name} atm open ? Opens an ATM on the block the player is standing on.
  • /bank update {bank name} atm close ? Closes the ATM on the block the player is standing on.


  • blockbank.admin = All permissions
  • blockbank.create = Allows user to create a bank

To Do Items

  • Integrate database instead of YAML config. This will be needed once cash and vault transaction logging is enabled
  • Send out the mob squad when account holders are delinquent on their loans.

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Credits: hitechwizard, drewper