Block Roller Plugin 1.7.4

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 509 views |

Block Roller v1.0

Do not put this on populated servers. This will spam players.

Block Roller will broadcast blocks broken into chat every time someone breaks a block, or places one. I hope to make this more better by making this plugin a rollback tool. This will take a while since i started making plugins 1 day ago. This is a simple, yet good plugin to see who is placing/destroying what block. THERE ARE NO PERMISSIONS OR COMMANDS YET, WILL ADD THEM SOON!

Commands AFTER they are in the plugin

  • /br help ? lists all the commands.
  • /br rollback ? Rollback any kind of destruction, or grief.
  • /br inspect ? Go into inspec t mode, and see who destroyed what block, and who placed the block.
  • /br delete ? Delete all the data (Console use only).

Permissions AFTER they are in the plugin

  • br.rollback
  • br.inspect

What to do next:

  1. add commands
  2. add permissions
  3. add a rollback system
  4. add MYSQL support
  5. make the item ID’s and the entire name
  6. add function for a tool to be the inspector

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Credits: imhandmade, sharpshooter119