Block Effects Plugin 1.7.2

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This plugin was made primarily to add cool effects to different blocks! This was made for MATT20DUDE and I took a little sidetrack to add much more fun! PM me with ideas or if you would like to work together!


This plugin includes a cool hat plugin as well where certain blocks:

  • ? Cactus
  • ? Grass
  • ? Glass
  • ? TNT
  • ? Dirt
  • ? Sponge
  • ? Beacon
  • ? Dispenser
  • ? Redstone Ore
  • ? Anvil
  • ? Cobble Wall
  • ? Trap Door
  • ? Activator Rail
  • ? Mob Spawner
  • ? Water Lily
  • ? Empty Map
  • ? Ender Portal
  • ? Ender Portal Frame
  • ? Fire (This one’s funny)
  • ? Ladder
  • ? Lava
  • ? Burning Furnace
  • ? Fence
  • ? Glowstone
  • that can be placed upon one’s head simply by left clicking the air if they have permission! (see permissions section below)

Wood and Ores

This plugin also adds in a feature that allows for a more realistic gameplay of minecraft. What this portion of the plugin does is it makes logs, wood planks, and ores harder to mine. This way it’s actually like chopping a tree or mining an ore. With this, once you mine an ore, it turns to cobble and gives you the natural product of the ore. Almost as if you were extracting the useful part of the ore and left rubble. This rubble can then be removed to continue mining. There are permissions for this(see permissions section).

Team Chooser

This plugin also features a features a two team chooser for small pvp and custom pvp maps. This was made mostly to tell the teams apart. It is not automated with tp’s to be set and stuff it is just if you and your friends want to do a little pvp and not have to worry about setting a plugin up or messing up. There are commands for this(see commands section below).

Ender Bed

This plugin features a ender bed for builders. Perhaps you have built a very nice house and the colors DO NOT go with an ender chest. Well now if you have the permissions(see permissions section) all you must do is right click the bed to open the ender chest gui. Very easy and useful.


  • /red
  • Joins the red team, no permission needed
  • /blue
  • Joins the blue team, no permission needed
  • /jaggeriscool
  • Gives a compliment to the creator and gives a reward. Permission needed(see permissions section).


  • enderbed.use:
  • description: Opens up an ender chest when right clicking a bed.
  • default: op
  • jagger.use:
  • description: Use jagger mode.
  • default: op
  • hat.wear:
  • description: Allows a player to wear blocks on their head.
  • default: op
  • blockeffect.bypass:
  • description: lets a player bypass the block-mining extension of wood
  • default: op
  • cobblestone.change.bypass:
  • description: Bypasses the cobblestone change and slow mining of ores
  • default: op

ToDo List

  • enderbeds will set a player’s bed spawn
  • cooking sand by right clicking with flint and steel
  • hat effects to player
  • remove /jaggeriscool or way to remove /jaggeriscool effects

Block Effects Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: JBoss925