blFriends Plugin 1.6.4

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blFriends allows players to manage friends, teleport and send gifts to friends, gain double XP when killing monsters with friends and more!
1) Testers.
Someone who has a server and people to test plugin updates with, this means you would be testing unstable plugin updates, sending feedback/bug reports to me after each update testing.
2) Tutorial/Guide creators.
Write detailed guides and tutorials for plugin features, if can do youtube guide/tutorial video, that would be awesome but not required.

If you are intrest to help me with previous mentioned “jobs”, send me private message!

Servers using blFriends

Name IP Minecraft version
FlipzCraft 1.6.2
Dev Server 1.6.2

Current features

  • Disable features at certain worlds.
  • Friends only chat mode.
  • Send and accept friend invites.
  • Send gifts and teleport to your friends
  • Disable PVP between friends.
  • Extra XP gain if player kills monster or mines blocks with their friend(s).
  • Admin can disable/disable each feature for all players.
  • Players can disable incoming friend invites, gifts and teleport requests.
  • Optional cooldown support for teleporting and gift sending.
  • Configure all the plugin messages including color.


  • blf.use
    Allows players to send invites and list friends.
  • blf.admin
    Allows to use /blf reload and /blf admin commands.
  • blf.version
    Allows to use /blf version command.
    Allows players to use friend teleport feature.
    Allows to use gift friend feature.
  • blf.dxp
    Allows players and their friends to receive bonus XP.
    If “FriendChat-Permissions” is set to true from config.yml, players must have this permission node to use /blf chat command.
  • blf.nolimit
    Allows to invite and be invited even if player has more friends compared to “FriendLimit-Amount” line defined at blFriends configure file.


  • /blf reload
    Reload config.yml file, works from in-game and console.
  • /blf version
    Check plugin version and for possible updates/new versions, works from in-game and console.
  • /blf list
    List all your friends.
  • /blf online
    List all your online friends.
  • /blf invite (player)
    Send invite to player (sending another invite before last target accepts will cancel previous invite).
  • /blf add (player)
    Accept friend invite.
  • /blf remove (player)
    Remove player from your friend list, name must be 100% correct including proper uppercase and lowercase letters
  • /blf chat
    Enable/disable friends only chat mode.
  • /blf gift (player)
    Send item in your hand as gift to your friend inventory (if you hold 10 woods while typing this, you´ll send those 10 woods to your friend)
  • /blf tp (player)
    Teleport to your friend (instant).
  • /blf tp|gift|invites
    Toggle to enable/disable one of the features, if you disable certain feature no player can use that feature to you. Example first time using /blf tp would disable all /blf tp (player) attempts, type /blf tp again to enable them.

/blf admin tp|gift|dexp|bexp|cgifts|chat|limit|region
Toggle to enable/disable one of the features, if you disable certain feature no player can use that feature. Example first time using /blf admin tp would disable /blf tp command for all players.


Note: example list found at config.yml.

- world:pvp
- world:bxp
- world_nether:gift
- world:test:dxp
- world:test:bxp
- world_nether:test:tp

World-Blocked-Features: <world>:<feature>
Blocked-Regions-Features: <world>:<region>:<feature>

1) Remember to Use only lowercase letters for world names.
2) Following features are possible to block.
dxp = double EXP from monsters.
bxp = double EXP from blocks.
tp = /blf tp command.
gift = /blf gift command.

If you wish to block features from regions be sure to set “Region-Support: true” from config.yml BEFORE starting server or you have to restart server in order to enable/disable region support.

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Credits: CoffeeOD