bGo Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 511 views |

A plugin that has private warps (warps per player) with /go as the primary command

Easy commands, instant warping, lightweight plugin, and can not warp out of battle

=== Commands: ===

/go [warp] -Warp

/go set [warp] ? Set the warp

/go delete [warp] ? Delete the warp

/go list ? List your warps

=== Permissions: ===

-bgo.warp -allows warping

-bgo.warpset ? allows setting warps

-bgo.warpdel ? allows deleting warps

-bgo.listwarps ? allows listing warps

=== What does not work ===

The only bug I can find is when someone is nearby, it does not give you 10 seconds before you can warp. Instead it just does not let you warp If someone is within 10 blocks, you can not warp. GOING TO FIX IN NEXT UPDATE

Thanks to TimTower for being a good citizen of the Netherlands.

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Credits: Betrayedqu