BeginCommands Plugin 1.6.2

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BeginCommands is a plugin with many different commands. It add commands like heal, kill, burn and such. More commands will be added after i code it. Hope you like the plugin!

Commands & Permissions

BeginCommands offers very many commands, from /tp to /forest. The whole command list can be found at:

Command Permission Description
/Awesome begincommands.awesome Broadcasts your awesomeness!
/Bans begincommands.bans Shows the banned players!(Only from banned-players.txt)
/Boost begincommands.boost Gives you boost for 10 seconds
/Burn [Player] begincommands.burn Burns the player you choose!
/Clear begincommands.clear Clears your inventory!
/Coder begincommands.coder Shows the plugin coder
/Craft begincommands.craft Opens up a crafting table!
/Diamonds Gives you some diamonds!
/Enderchest [Player] begincommands.enderchest(For your endechest), begincommands.enderchest.admin(For other player’s chest’s) Opens your or the selected player’s enderchest
/Etable begincommands.etable Opens a enchantment table!
/Explode begincommands.explode Creates a explosion!
/Feed [Player] begincommands.feed Feeds the player you choose!
/Firework begincommands.firework Launches a firework
/Godbow begincommands.godbow Gives you a god bow!
/Godset begincommands.godset Gives you a god set!
/Godsword begincommands.godsword Gives you a god sword!
/Heal [Player] begincommands.heal Heals you!
/Hockey Gives you Hoe of Hockey(Knockback 100 Hoe)!
/Ip [Player] begincommands.ip Shows selected player’s IP!
/Item [Item] [Amought] begincommands.item Gives you the selected amought of the selected item(Use “_” instead of spaces in names. Example: DIAMOND_SWORD)
/Kill [Player] begincommands.kill Kills the selected player!
/Launch [projectile] begincommands.launch Launches a projectile
/Maxhp [How much] [Player] begincommands.maxhp Chanes your or the selected player’s max HP
/Openinv [Player] begincommands.openinv Opens the selected player’s enderchest
/Ops begincommands.ops Shows the OP’s!
/Particle begincommands.particle Makes particles under your feet(You can’t see it)(To disable this, begin to run)!
/Potion [Potion] [Level] [Time] begincommands.potion Gives you the selected potion effect in the selected level for the selected amought of time
/Quench [Player] begincommands.quench Makes you stop to burn
/Say [Message] begincommands.say Broadcasts a message
/Sethp [How much] [Player] begincommands.sethp Sets your or the selected player’s HP
/Sneak begincommands.sneak Makes you to sneak(You can’t see it)(To disable this, begin to run)!
/Starve [Player] begincommands.starve Makes the selected player starve!
/Strike [Player] begincommands.strike Strikes a lightning on the selected player
/Summon [Player] begincommands.summon Summons the selected player!
/Teleport [Player] begincommands.teleport Teleports you to the selected player!
/Unenchant begincommands.unenchant Removes enchantments from item in hand!


  • If you find any bugs, create a ticket.



  • Updated plugin to version 2.0.(It must be approved)

Some upcoming features

  • Effect mode

What to do

  • Add new commands
  • Upgrade the old commands

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Credits: gronnmann