BattleKitSigns Plugin 1.7.2

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BattleKitSigns is a simple kit plugin that allows you to have a couple of kits! It is very simple to use. You can use this plugin as a kit plugin for your mini game or survival server. Be creative! I’ve designed it so it can be used by everyone! All you need to type is: /battlekitsigns Then you can see how to make a BattleKit sign. More information below! Enjoy!


  • A very simple plugin!
  • Use this plugin to any server with any usage!
  • Simple to setup a BattleKit sign!
  • Only one command and two permissions!


/battlekitsigns ? This is the only command in this plugin! With this command you can see how to make a BattleKit Sign.


  • battlekitsigns.battlekitsigns ? With this permission players can use the /battlekitsigns command!
  • battlekitsigns.makesign ? With this permission players can create a BattleKit Sign. Without this permission they can’t!


  • Warrior
  • Archer

How to install:

  1. First download the .jar file.
  2. Put the .jar file into the /plugins folder.
  3. Reload or Start your server and enjoy!

How to use:

  1. Put a sign.
  2. Type on the first line: [BattleKit]
  3. Type on the second line the kit name.
  4. Press done and enjoy!

To do list:

  • Add more kits like: Heavy, Mage and Healer!
  • Add more weapons/items to some kits if needed!
  • Add armour to kits!
  • Add some potion effects to kits!
  • Buff or Nerf some kits if needed!

More ideas comming soon!

Questions and Ideas:

Ideas for the plugin are always welcome! If you want to know something afk your question below.

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Credits: frostbladenl