BasicWarps Plugin 1.7.2

Updated: May 27, 2015 | 549 views |


A basic plugin for teleporting to players and set locations. Admins can edit all of these locations in the plugin’s config file. This plugin is in release stage, but new features are still being added.


  • /tp ? Teleports you to a player.
  • /tph ? Teleports a player to you.
  • /setwarp <Name> ? Create a warp.
  • /warp <Name> ? Teleports you to a warp.
  • /sethome ? Sets your home point.
  • /home ? Teleports you to your home point.


  • ? Allows /tp
  • bw.tph ? Allows /tph
  • bw.setwarp ? Allows /setwarp
  • bw.warp ? Allows /warp
  • bw.sethome ? Allows /sethome
  • bw.home ? Allows /home

Please leave suggestions in comments!

Totally re-coded the entire plugin. Sorry it took a while. I will be adding more features in the near future.

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Credits: canemonster15