Attila Plugin 1.7.2

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Hi, I’m DreadTank27 and this is my very first plugin.
Apologies for my bad English,this isn’t my native language.

What this plugin does and how it works?

This plugin is intended for anyone that wants to stop users from building underground farms.
This plugin checks when a seed is planted (if it is in the config.yml file) if above it there is a non-trasparent block (such glass or leaves or user definited block).If there is,the player can place the seed, if there’s another block,simply can’t.


  • Configurable seeds checklist.
  • Configurable block ignore list.
  • Editable “Not allowed to plant seeds here” and “Can’t place block here” strings. SUPPORTS COLORCODES NOW!


  • attila.bypass: Allow the user to bypass the plugin seed check placement.

Installation & configuration

To install the plugin simply drag ‘n drop it in your “plugins” folder.
In the “config.yml” file you can edit:

  • Checked: insert here the data values of the seeds you want the plugin will check.
  • Ignored: insert here the data values of the blocks you want the plugin will ignore.
  • String-Not allowed: the message that the user will see if he try to plant a seed under a non-ignored block.
  • String-No block place: the message that the user will see if he try to place a non transparent block above a farm.

Planned features:

  • If a block is placed above a seed, destroy the seed and don’t show the not-allowed string.
  • If the light level is too low, disallow seed grown.
  • Auto suggest to update if a new version is found
  • If you have ideas or suggestions, please talk me about them in the comment section!



  • Updated to MC 1.7.2-R.0.2
  • Metrics implementation


  • Updated to MC 1.5.2-R.0.1


  • Fixed log wrong plugin name
  • Added custom error for block placing above an existing farm


  • Initial release

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Credits: DreadTank27