ArrowCraft Plugin 1.7.2

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ArrowCraft introduces new mini-game.


  • One player is an archer. His goal is to kill all targets.
  • Few players are targets, who have to achieve specified amount of points, by doing different things, e.g. standing in defined location or collecting items from chests.
  • In addition there are guards. Their task is either to protect targets or kill the archer.


Operators only

  • arrowcraft set spawnpoint <archer | target | guard> ? set spawnpoint of the archer, targets and guards
  • arrowcraft set targetpoint ? set the place where targets get points by standing there
  • arrowcraft start ? start the game (temporary, it’s the only way to start the game)

All players

  • arrowcraft join
  • arrowcraft leave


  • Starting the game after specified amount of players joined (7)
  • Randomly chosing archer, targets and guards from players that joined the game
  • Teleporting players to defined location
  • Equiping players with items (e.g. archer with bow and arrows)
  • Awarding targets with points for standing in specified location. When specified amount of points is reached, the game ends
  • Killing all targets or archer ends the game
  • After game ends all players get teleported to spawn

To do

  • Creating random spawnpoints
  • Awarding targets for other things than standing in targetpoint
  • Time limit
  • Code optimization
  • Fixing bugs
Note: Please feel free to send your opinions and suggestions. It’s my very first plugin so I really need some feedback. Thank you in advance.

ArrowCraftPlugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: Andrzej417