Arcane Enchants Plugin 1.6.4

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Enchanting is core in Minecraft. Is that not so? Think again.


Arcane Enchants is your ultimate enchanting tool! It offers understandable enchantments for users to play around with. It can enchant any item up to level 30,000 without error! It has been bug-tested and is readily secure for users.

What about the plugin, Tim the Enchanter?

Tim the Enchanter like Arcane Enchants is also an enchanting plugin. However, an advantage that Arcane Enchants has over Tim is that it can go all the way up to 30,000 in enchanting levels whereas Tim can only go to 1000. In later updates, Arcane Enchants will also have a command called /enchant random which assigns a variety of different enchantments and levels to an item.

Help! I’m getting an error when trying to enchant!

The error that you are getting is probably due to the fact that you either specified a number over 30,000 or under 1 as the max value in your config. By changing it to a number in that range, you will not receive that error. Otherwise, there are no bugs.

My server’s glitching up!

Enchanting should not glitch the server up. Using the enchanted item, however, possibly could. Arcane Enchants is not liable for any server glitching and/or spamming up unless it pertains directly to the enchantment COMMANDS not enchanted ITEMS.

(Be especially wary of the fortune/looting enchantments. Using an item with those at level 30,000 can produce a minor amount of lag due to the massive amount of item duplication.) Nonetheless, it’s still pretty gosh darn cool.



/enchant all ? Enchant the item in your hand with everything at your user-defined max value!

/enchant all {level} ? Award all the enchantments to the object in your hand at the designated value!

/enchant [enchantment] {level} ? Enchant any object at level below (or equal to) your max value

/enchant natural ? Enchant an object with its natural enchantments (depends on the held item!) Example: Diamond Pickaxe >>> Silk Touch, Efficiency, Fortune, Unbreaking

/enchant remove [none/enchantment] ? With only one command remove all those enchantments on your item! (One argument removes everything, two arguments removes the given enchantment)

/enchants ? List of all the available enchants in Minecraft

/ae ? Information regarding Arcane Enchants

/ae reload ? Reload Arcane Enchants



arcaneenchants.enchant ? Gives user|group access to any enchantment

arcaneenchants.enchant.[enchantment-name] ? Gives user|group access to only that enchantment

arcaneenchants.enchant.remove ? Gives user|group the ability to delete all enchantments on a held item

arcaneenchants.enchant.remove.[enchantment-name] ? Gives user|group access to the deletion of only that enchantment

arcaneenchants.list ? Gives user|group access to the command, /enchants

arcaneenchants.reload ? Gives user|group ability to be able to reload the plugin



There are many elements to the configuration. Be sure to understand it before manipulating it.

max: 10000
#Defines the max level of enchanting
#Default is 10000; do not set over 30000!
  command-prompt: true
  #Logs a msg whenever an /enchant command is used
  disable-plugin: false
  #Disables the plugin if a better update is found
  check: true
  #Will check if the plugin needs an update
  ender: true
  #Should users receive an effect when they enchant?
  #If true, all these effects will play
  radius: 3
  #Radius of the desired effect
  #If there are no effects, then, no radius is required!
  times: 4
  #The maximum amount of times a random roll can bring about
  max_level: 10000
  #The max level that those enchantments can be
#//// COMMANDS \\#
overall_protection: “protection”
fire_protection: “fireprotection”
feather_falling: “featherfalling”
blast_protection: “blastprotection”
projectile_protection: “projectileprotection”
respiration: “respiration”
thorns: “thorns”
aqua_affinity: “aquaaffinity”
sharpness: “sharpness”
smite: “smite”
bane_of_arthropods: “baneofarthropods”
knockback: “knockback”
fire_aspect: “fireaspect”
looting: “looting”
power: “power”
punch: “punch”
flame: “flame”
infinity: “infinity”
efficiency: “efficiency”
silk_touch: “silktouch”
unbreaking: “unbreaking”
fortune: “fortune”

Any changes or requests? Post a comment in the comment section below or give me an email at [email protected]!

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Credits: LogicalKnight