Apocalyptic Plugin 1.6.4

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There are currently 2 facets to this plugin. The first is the nuclear fallout, which contains many parts, and the other is pretty much old Apocalyptic, making zombies deadlier. They can both be enabled separately, allowing for complete customization!


lang: en #Does not currently work
maxRadiationWashable: 1 # This is the maximum amount of radiation that can be washed off.
notchApple: false 
#Whether a Notch's Golden Apple (the kind made with blocks) is required to get rid of radiation. If not, a normal golden apple will work.
worlds: #This is where you put per-world configuration. To do this, copy the "world" subtree out of this section and put it under "worlds". Change the name to the name of your world
    radiationTop: 120 # The maximum height radiation goes to
    radiationBottom: 50 # The minimum height radiation goes to
    texturepack: true # Whether the texturepack is sent for this world
    fallout: true # Is fallout enabled on this world
    zombie: true # Are zombies enabled on this world
        zombie: true # Randomly spawn giants?
        creeper: true # Randomly spawn charged creepers?
        skeleton: true # Randomly spawn wither skeletons?
        speedMultiplier: 3.0 # How many times faster are the zombies?
        damageMultiplier: 2 # How many times more damage do zombies do?
        hordeInstinct: true # Horde instinct enabled. This means that if zombies in the area don't have a target, they will target their friends target.
        targetRange: 32.0 # How many blocks away each direction can zombies see you?
          min: 7 # How many minimum zombies spawn at the same time?
          max: 21 # How many maximum zombies spawn at the same time?
          hunger: true # hunger effect on hit
          weakness: true # weakness effect on hit
          slowness: true # slowness effect on hit
          nausea: true # nausea effect on hit
  #Do not edit version
  version: 2.2.6
  version-check: true # Check for new versions
  auto-update: true # Whether to auto-update.
  show-download-progress: true # Show download progress while updating


Download Apocalyptic.jar and SQLibrary and add to your /plugins/ folder. If you want world generation, add this snippet to the bottom of bukkit.yml.

worlds: <world>: generator: Apocalyptic

Where <world> is the name of the world you want to generate.

If you use Muiltiverse, run this command to make a new Apocalyptic world. /mv create <world> normal -g Apocalyptic Again, where <world> is the name of the world you want to generate.

Run the server. This will generate some of the world and create config files. Set up the configuration files to your liking. I am currently working on a configuration guide.

Commands & Permissions

Added in 2.2.6.

Commands Description Permissions Default
/radiation Check your own radiation apocalyptic.radiation.self Player
/radiation <player> Check another player’s radiation apocalyptic.radiation.other Operator
/radiation <player> <level> Set radiation of a player apocalyptic.radiation.change Operator
/apocalyptic radiation Help about radiation apocalyptic.help.radiation Player
/apocalyptic stop Stop the plugin apocalyptic.admin.stop Operator
/apocalyptic reload Reload the config apocalyptic.admin.reload Operator


none yet? Want your server up here? Just ask!

Request a Feature

If you want something to be added, create a ticket and mark it as a feature.

Report a Bug

If you found a bug, check the tickets to see if it’s been addressed already. If not, feel free to create a ticket about it. Please be sure to use proper grammar and spelling, and include the steps you used to replicate it.

Are you a Programmer?

This plugin is open source, so feel free to contribute to the repository on GitHub. I will accept most things, but try and keep it on-topic and with good standards like indentation and variable names.

This plugin is currently in Beta phase

Please create a ticket for any bugs you find.

Resource Pack

This plugin includes a resource pack. It should be sent to the client when they join. If you are having problems with that, here is the URL to put it in your server.properties:


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Credits: awesomefacecreeper