AntiPVPGamemode Plugin 1.7.2

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Ever hated how your staff members keep killing your players in creative gamemode? Did you ever want to make a plugin that would stop them but didn’t know how to code in Java? Well AntiPvPGamemode is for you!

About AntiPvPGamemode

AntiPvPGamemode instantly changes any player who is in creative gamemode into survival if they tag another player using potions, swords, bow and arrows ect?)


I am MineHelper, and I am a creative abuser. I hit Joe, and it then instantly changes me into survival and deals 4 hearts of damage to me.. Joe then has a fair chance of killing me, instead of a one-sided slaughter.


The plugin contains many features:

  • Arrows support
  • Swords
  • Potions
  • Permission Nodes
  • Bug free
  • Easy To Use And More!

How To Install

Follow these simple steps to install AntiPvPGamemode successfully:

  2. Stop your server
  3. Drag and Drop AntiPvPGamemode.jar into your plugins folder
  4. Start your server
  5. Watch Staff fail at killing players while in creative ?


Config File

  • No Config yet created Please comment below with some great ideas for the config.


Permission Nodes (for 1.7.2 and Higher!):

  • antipvpgamemode.bypass

Purpose of AntiPvPGamemode

  • There will be no creative abusers out there in the Minecraft community
  • New players will no longer leave your server due to creative abuse
  • You Don’t have to worry about staff PVPing while in creative


  • Potion support ? Done
  • Permissions ? Done
  • Flying/Flight Support ? Done
  • Auto Updating system ? 17%
  • Add PVP features (e.g. pvp effects, health info, sound, etc?) ? NOT Done
  • Disabling commands for a short period of time ? NOT Done

Suggestions? Leave a comment

Report Bugs/Errors

  • Found a BUG??? We Will help you kill it! Simply submit a ticket and will take it from there!

Wall Of Fame

  • joehot200 ? Manager, Author
  • MineHelper ? Author, Tester, Ticket Manager
  • DarkSide ? Showcased our Plugin
  • You??

Donation and Info

Donation Chain :3

  • Donation chain:
  • I receive some money
  • Buy coffee
  • Work longer
  • Faster Updates
  • Your benefit!
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Credits: joehot200, MineHelper