AntiBot-Ultra Plugin 1.7.2

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This plugin protects your server against attacks bot & protects you from IP Spam !!! The operation is simple, when a player makes a login after 2 minutes is automatically added to the whitelist. When AntiBot identifies an attack rises automatically whitelist and when the attack is over automatically lowers the whitelist (after 6-8 minutes). The AntiBot offers the possibility to set your personal whitelist kick message. You can set sensibility of AntiBot in relation to your needs.

After many requests we have added the maintenance mode

The maintenance mode allows the admin to prevent access to the server during maintenance.


  • /sensibility <off,low,medium,high>
  • /manual <number>
  • /maintenance
  • /unmute <name>

This comand set how max not-whitelisted players can join in the server every 5 seconds

In General:

  • 0 to 2 = high sensibility
  • 3 to 4 = medium sensibility
  • 5 to 6+ = low sensibility
  • /manual <integer> (Use to set manual sensibility)


  • Antibot.spy (Necessary to receive alert messages]
  • Antibot.sensibility (Necessary to set the sensitivity)
  • IP.bypass (Necessary to bypass ban for IP-Spam)
  • Antibot.maintenance (Necessary to login under maintenance mode)

Basic Instruction for the install location

  1. Download AntiBotUltra.jar
  2. Put AntiBotUltra.jar in your plugins folder
  3. Restart the server
  4. Add permission to players or group
  5. Set sensibility /sensibility <off,low.medium.high>


CheckProxy LAG (TPS) Problem

The option CHECKPROXY can cause lag in some small server. If you have this problem, simply set FALSE this option in your config.yml file.

WhiteList Problem

If you do not have a populated whitelist , the first time you install the plugin sets to OFF the sensibility so that the plugin will add the player to the whitelist. This is to avoid false alarms



Donate to the project so we can speed up production! It would be much easier to test development builds on a actual Minecraft Hosting environment rather then our local computers. Also your donation will be used to improve the project to near perfection!

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Credits: Ittrio