Animal Plague Plugin 1.6.4

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Description Animal Plague

For any survival server it takes only a few days for player to get comfy with there giant animal farms providing everything they need. As an admin myself I found this quite frustrating. Isn’t there a way to keep player working hard even after they have made a few farms and animal pens? Animal Plague is the answer! The idea is to create a way to naturally limit the amount of animals a player can have at once. This causes them to work harder because they don’t have as many resources. As an added bonus, Animal Plague also helps control lag caused by oversized animal farms! Animal Plague can be configured in many different ways to create a plague with very different effects!

Features Animal Plague

  • Limit the size of animal farms!
  • Make the game more challenging!
  • The Plague can spread!
  • Plague split into three configurable stages!
  • More coming soon!

Configuration Animal Plague

you can change?

  • The time before the plague is first noticeable.
  • The time it takes to kill the infected animal.
  • The chance to infect other animals.
  • The radius that the plague can spread out from the infected animal.
  • The amount of animals in an area before a plague will appear.
  • More coming soon!

Permissions and Commands Animal Plague

None yet. If you have any suggestions leave a comment!


Future Changes:

  • Set which animals can be infected.
  • Allows players to experience plague effects by coming in contact with plague animals.
  • Allow animals to drop rotten flesh if they die from the plague.
  • More plague effects
  • More plague causes
  • Whatever recommendations you have!


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Currently, I run two servers part of a hub and I use Animal Plague on one of them. This is actually why I made the plugin. Feel free to check it out at

I am also looking for fun little plugin projects to keep me busy. If you have any ideas send me a PM!


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Credits: Ajaxan