Altars Plugin 1.7.2

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Altars ? Create simple RPG Altars!

Apologies for my bad English,this isn’t my native language.

What this plugin does and how it works?

This plugin is intended for anyone that wants to create simply healing Altars. When a player is near one of these Altars will be given a potion regeneration effect.

Installation & configuration

To install the plugin simply drag ‘n drop it in your “plugins” folder. In the “config.yml” file you can edit:

  • Radius: the healing radius of an Altar. Please note that each Altar have got its own radius.


  • altars.admin: Allow the player to create/get info/destroy an Altar. Default: OP
  • altars.use: Allow the player to be healed from the Altar. Default: true


  • /altar : gives the list of avaiable commands
  • /altar create <name> <type> [radius]: creates an Altar with the given name (you must be looking an Emerald block)
  • /altar remove : remove the Altar are you looking at (you must be looking at the Emerald block)
  • /altar info : gives info about the Altar (you must be looking at the Emerald block)

How to set up an Altar

  1. Create an Altar. It can have any shape but it MUST HAVE an Emerald block in it.
  2. Look at the Emerald block and type “/altar create <name> <type> [radius]”. <name> it’s the name of your Altar, <type> the type (currently only healing and blaster), and [radius] is optional (by default 5 blocks)
  3. Tada! Enyoy your regeneration! If you want to change the healing radius you can change it in the config file.

Altars types

  • Healing: this Altar gives to all players in its radius every 2 seconds a regeneration effect 3 seconds long
  • Blaster: this Altars strikes (75% of lightning every half second) every aggressive mobs in its radius


  • When the server reloads/restarts the plugin will check if the altars contains an Emerald block. If not, THEY WILL NOT WORK

In the next version

  • Still nothing :c

Planned features

  • Auto suggest to update if a new version is found
  • Add more types of Altars
  • If you have ideas or suggestions, please talk me about them in the comment section!

Known Bugs

  • None

Changelog here


  • NEW ALTAR TYPE! Added Blaster Altar
  • Altars are protected from editing (block destroy, block place, ecc.)


  • Initial release


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Credits: DreadTank27