Alt Alerts Plugin 1.7.2

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Alt Alerts is a small efficient plugin that alerts to staff if the player joining the server has connected with a different account before. This is very handy for servers who do not allow alternate accounts as they may be used to exploit things such as Faction power, Towny claims, etc.

When a player joins your server, this plugin will send a message to all staff who have the permission alt.alerts, if the ip they connected with has been stored with another account already, if the player is logging in from a different ip than was previously stored , and even if the player is clean.

If the player joining connected with an ip that is already tied to another user account, the plugin will notify staff that there were x amount of matching accounts tied to that ip address.

You may lookup any player who has joined the server and see if another user has joined under the same ip with /alt <player>

This is safe for all staff to use as the players ip is not shown unless you give staff the permission alt.showip

This plugin also has a command to silence alert messages if you don’t wish to see them when a player joins.


  • /alt alerts ? toggle Alt Alert messages on/off
  • /alt <playername>? check if a player has joined with a different account on the same ip


  • alt.alerts ? ability to get alerts when a player joins, also ability to use the /alt command
  • alt.showip? shows the ip address instead of “Private” in alert messages.


There is no configuration for this plugin at the moment.


  • Support to lookup all accounts tied to a specific ip with /alt <ip>
  • mysql support for server networks

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Credits: faxionsurvival