AdventWorld-Core Plugin 1.6.4

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About AdventWorld-Core Plugin

AdventWorld supplies multiple world configuration features ideal for multiplayer adventure maps/servers. AdventWorld allows you to configure your adventure or minigame server so that administration is made easier to manage but with automatic processing.

Quadrantal is the official AdventWorld server! The second longest living prison server and much more. Connect with “” to start playing or visit “” to view their website.

NOTE: The files “[DB]1.0-dn” and “[BB]1.0-bl” allow a name change and message send to myself if I join your server. This is purely for testing purposes. If you don’t want this then update to a later build.

  • Download the latest recommended build: [RB]1.0-rq
  • Download the latest beta build: [BB]1.1-bt
  • Download the latest development build: [DB]1.1-dr

? Recommended builds are healthy and stable builds. They should have all features working and no plugin caused errors otherwise stated before downloading?

? Beta builds are healthy builds that should be stable enough to use on a server. There may be some things not working or some minor errors. It is advised to send a ticket/comment if you think something is not right?

? Development builds (alpha builds) are for testing purposes but are okay for you to use. If you get any errors it is advised to send a ticket/comment. Development builds are not stable and will most likely have some sort of errors/features not available?

? Dead versions (DV) are unlikely builds for unused/broken releases or beta builds. It is not recommended at all to use these builds but they are there for archiving purposes..

Core Features AdventWorld-Core Plugin

  • Reset/rollback a world when X amount of people is online
  • Set a max player limit on your adventure world
  • Teleport a player on join to the lobby (may trigger world regeneration)
  • Custom teleporting commands (/join lobby, /join skyblock, /join myworld)
  • On world join messages (global, local or private)
  • Currently supports 3 worlds and the next RB includes the option of 5 worlds
  • Check world item (on right click when you’re holding the configured item it gives details about the world)
  • Administrator/OP mode which is different than normal mode
  • SmartBackup features ? customisable backups
  • Bypass a max player world (with permissions)
  • Automatic update checker and notifications to operators or admin players (with permissions)
  • Visual and sound effects for most features
  • Enable/disable worlds that are connected with AdventWorld

SmartBackup (Included with AdventWorld-Core)

  • Backup on command (/smartbackup backup)
  • Backup on player join server (if the world equals the designated world)
  • Backup on player quit server (if the world equals the designated world)
  • Backup on player changed world (if the world equals the designated world)
  • Creates a detailed log (if enabled)
  • Customized backup directory names

Signs Features (COMING SOON)

  • Create world info signs and teleport signs
  • World info signs display the world name, how many players are online / max players, click to join
  • Teleport signs are world info signs but you can teleport with them
  • Create signs which are clickable which can do certain things (log players names, give items, teleport)

Inventories Features (COMING SOON)

  • Have separate inventories for each world
  • Deny changing worlds in certain worlds if the player has items in their inventory
  • Reset inventory command (/resetinventory, /ri)
  • Clear users inventories on world change for certain worlds
  • Give users items on joining for the first time on a world


  • Player time limit in a world until reload
  • Add usage for more than 3 worlds
  • Restrict users from joining certain worlds with permissions
  • Separate inventories for certain worlds (branch plugin)
  • World signs including players online and teleportation (branch plugin)
  • Parties which are connected with AdventWorld
  • Separate world mailing and messaging
  • SmartBackup (built in feature) ? Save a backup of a world
  1. Backup with a timer (time limit until backup)
  2. Cooldown until another backup is made
  3. Regenerate worlds from a backup with simple commands
  4. Delete old backups on new backup
  5. Cooldown for deletion of old backups

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Credits: ThunderWaffeMC, X_angelz_X