Advanced Item Effects Plugin 1.7.2

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This plugin applies user defined or plugin defined potion and/or particle effects to any minecraft items. With a simple command, the effects can be directly applied to an item, and will work when a player holds the effects item.

Command Description Permission
/aieadd [potion effect] [multiplier] Adds an effect to an item. AIE.add
/aieadd [particle effect]
/aieremove [effect] Removes an effect from an item. AIE.remove
  /aieclear[effect] Clears all effects from an item. AIE.clear

Effects List


Interactions With Other Plugins (for developers only)

This plugin checks for an item’s lore ChatColor.GOLD + “Effects:”

Then if a custom item’s description (lore) includes an effect then a number, this plugin will automatically apply effects even if /aieadd was not used on an item.

Example: This plugin will automatically apply Night Vision effect to that stone sword.

        ItemStack item = new ItemStack(Material.STONE_SWORD);
        ItemMeta itemMeta = item.getItemMeta();
        List<String> lore = Arrays.asList(ChatColor.GOLD + "Effects:",
                "          " + ChatColor.BLACK + "Night_Vision"
                        + ChatColor.WHITE + " 1");


Next estimated update: 1/18/2014
Approval estimate date: 1/13/2014
?Effects on item equip ?70% Complete ?
? Minor optimization ?40% Complete ?
?Auto updater
?Sound effects
?Potion particle effects without effects
?Firework effects.



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Credits: 94jp