Admin Toolbox Plugin 1.7.4

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I am currently looking for a sponsor to offer me a server to host this plugin on. I would like to do this so people can use the plugin before downloading it. If you can give me a server, you will get advertised on this page!


Admin Toolbox is a plugin that it designed to make admins run certain commands. It provides a menu that you can change you gamemode, weather and many more features.


  • Change Gamemode
  • Change weather
  • Portable Crafting Table
  • Portable Ender Chest
  • Portable Enchantment Table and more!

Commands and Permissions

Command Function Permission
/admintoolbox or /atb Shows you information about the plugin admintoolbox.use
/admintoolbox open or /atb open Open the Admin Toolbox admintoolbox.use
/admintoolbox wand or /atb wand Give you the Admin Toolbox wand. admintoolbox.use


Known Bugs

  • Anvil don’t open
  • Godmode doesn’t work


If you have any suggestions/question please post a comment below.


  • Add chat messages
  • Add feed and health feature

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Credits: Ati_444, Pocketkid2