Villages Plugin 1.6.4

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What is it?

Similar to plugins like Towny, We wanted to create a simplified version, more of the, let the player decide, rather than letting the plugin or an administrator decide.

How it works

Basically, a player can pay money to create a village (if economy is used, or simply it’s free) at the chunk they’re standing on, and invite players. Players can only be invited to a single village, the residents can then deposit money into the village which the mayor can spend to expand the village.

Due to some recent Bukkit changes I have to point out that this plugin checks for updates using the Curse API, and you can disable this feature at any time if you wish, simply check under the configuration page for the update setting and how to disable it.

Future plans

So far the plugin is fairly basic, I wanted to put it on Bukkit, see how it goes and if you people like it, I’ll add more stuff, you can comment what you’d like to see added below if you wish.

Some of the basic ideas I have now are:

  • Regions, which may have one or more Villages in them
  • Wars between Villages and/or regions

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Credits: DOMIN8TRIX25, oxafemble