Vanilla Server Creator Mod 1.8

Vanilla Server Creator Mod for Minecraft 1.8

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Vanilla Server Creator Mod 1.8

CraftBukkit Server Crator is the ultimate tool for making a bukkit server on your mac! It will do everything you need to do to make a server! From telling you all of you ips to portforwording!



Easy Usage Guide!

CraftBukkit Server Creator was designed to be easy and user friendly.

Step 1

Once you it has been downloaded locate it and unzip the file.

Step 2

Once you have unziped the file you will see the application! Double click it to open it. If double clicking does not work right click it, then hit open.

Step 3

Now all you will need to do is follow the applications instructions.

Download Vanilla Server Creator Mod 1.8

For 1.8

Author: rrepublic