TimeSpawner Plugin 1.6.4

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What is it?

Always wanted to spawn a number sure mobs at a time/place determined by you. Then this plugin is for you This plugin will spawn MOB’s on determined time and amount defined by you.
Example: If you want to spawn 15 zombies on a determined location each 60 seconds. Don’t forget, plugin will just start the time count after all previously mobs are dead.


? Only OPs (For the time being)


/sp setmob <spawnerName> <typeMob> <quantity> <time> ? set a spawner where you are
/sp spawnconf <spawnerName> <typeMob> <quantity> <time> ? configure an already created
/sp delspawn <spawnerName> ? delete an already created spawner
/sp spawners ? view the list of spawners created
/sp reload ? reload plugin
/sp < help | ? | nothing > ? get help on commands


  • Add Vault permissions (GroupManager, PermissionsEx)
  • Add economy for players to buy spawners
  • Add language file
  • The mobs spawn randomly in a given area
  • Remove the incompatibility with plugins outsourced (Exemple: WorldEdit /butcher)
  • Save file editable done on 0.1
  • Add disable/enable spawner


This plugin is installed much like every other plugin. Put the TimeSpawner.jar file in your /plugins/ folder and restart the server. The config files automagically appear in the /plugins/TimeSpawner/ folder.


OK.. if you will post bug here? PLS? I NEED ALL INFO ! don’t be stupid and say “oh.. i have a bug.. fix it”? i don’t have magic spell ? you need to show me all the info you get !

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Credits: TheProbleemm, stutiguias