The Forgotten Book Map 1.12/1.10.2

The Forgotten Book Map for Minecraft 1.10.2

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The Forgotten Book Map 1.12, like the name suggests, requires players to find out a sacred treasure known as a book that existed long ago. This book is quite precious because it owns a power of magic giving you incredible power.

In order to complete this mission, you have to take a thrilling journey to the Amazonian jungle where remaining an antic prosperous civilization : abandoned villages, huge temples, and gemstones. Especially, you need to get to a legendary temple called “The Cupola”, the magic book is exactly in this temple.

Of course, lots of obstacles, trials and secrets are waiting for you. Make attempt to climb, explore and solve several puzzles in order to reach the Cupola. Don’t hesitate to install the map to enhance adventure experiences.




How to install The Forgotten Book Map for Minecraft:

  • Download The Forgotten Book Map.
  • Extract file.
  • Click on the Start Menu in Windows.
  • Type run into the search box and select the Run program at the top of the results.
  • Type %appdata% into the Run program, and press Enter.
  • Go to .minecraft/saves folder.
  • Drag extracted map folder into that.
  • Start Minecraft.
  • Enjoy and play!

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