The City of Arthor Map

Updated: May 26, 2015 | 875 views |

Welcome to Arthor, The King’s City!

The City includes:

  • A royal castle
  • A wooden cathedral
  • Over 150 medieval houses
  • A medieval watchtower
  • Lots of cool gardens and fountains
  • City walls
  • A great entrance gate
  • Two beautiful, big gardens
  • Awesome mountains around the city
  • Other terraforming: A river, a lake, a huge forest?
  • Some really cool and detailed houses and a little village outside of the city walls
  • Area: About 550 x 850 Blocks


Texture Pack: DokuCraft!GY9QFKyS!I5Ft21WX4VSwmDizbra7u0uCKTA6pdhbghrCHkB8mDw

Credits: LouizZ, GH_28