Super Roads Plugin 1.7.2

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Hi everyone, today i will present you my first bukkit plugin. Super Road is a simple plugin allowing players to go faster when they are walking on a road made by a block defined in config file.


  • Increase player’ speed when he walk on a road made by placing specials block below the road.
  • Stopblock to remove the speed effect at the end of the road.
  • Can change individual player’ speed in game without reloading.
  • Permissions to set speed by group.
  • Easy enable/disable plugin command for player individually and for the whole server.
  • Fully configurable! (Speed, Block, Enchant duration, Position of the road block)
  • Easy to use and configure!

Commands and Permissions

Permission Description Command Aliases
superroads.* Give access to all commands
superroads.setspeed Allow to change personal speed. /srsetspeed <speed> /srss, /setspeed
superroads.setspeedother Allow to change other player’ speed. /srsetspeed <speed> <Player> /srss, /setspeed
superroads.blocked Prevent the speed bonus when the player walk on a road.Negate this node if your permission plugin give to certain group all permissions(something like “*”)
superroads.disable Allow to disable the plugin if enable /srdisable /srd
superroads.enable Allow to enable the plugin if disabled /srenable /sre
superroads.user[1-5] Set the speed defined in config file to a group
superroads.on Switch on the speed boost when you walk on a road /sron Switch off the speed boost when you walk on a road /sroff


Config Line Function
DefaultSpeed DefaultSpeed value is the default level of the speed potion when the player name is not in the config file.
Time Time value is the number of tick the speed effect will be enabled.
Position Position value is the position of the block defined above. -1 = directly below the player, -2 = 1 block can be placed over the “special block.”(Like in the picture)
Speedgroup Define the speed gived by permission “superroads.user[1-5]”(Ex:Group who has permission “superroads.user2? have a speed bonus of the user2 line when they walk on a road.)
Roadblocks List the blocks’ ID used to build roads, you can add blocks by repeating the same template on each lines
Stopblocks List of the blocks’ ID used to end a road, If you walk on it the speed boost is removed. This list works like Roadblocks list.
Players Player name are stoked in the bottom on the file with their personal speed. Player’ speed can be modified in game with command.


Please post any issues you have in the comments or create a ticket, I will answer as soon as I can!


Nothing, give me ideas in the comment section ?


  • Drag and drop the SuperRoad.jar into your plugin folder.
  • Start your server.
  • Configure the plugin if you want.
  • Make roads and start traveling at light speed !

I’m so sorry for my bad English ?

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Credits: wardow59