SuggestOthers Plugin 1.6.4

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Ever wondered how all your players got to be on your server, or who told them about it, well this plugin is for you because it does just that! It allows players to be credited if they got another player on the server. When a new (or old) player joins the server because one of your members told them about it, your loyal player can do /so add <new player’s name> and that player is rewarded ( But only if the new player confirms that they were told by them ). This helps players gain respect and in tern encourage players to get their friends to join aswell as being lightweight on the server’s resources. Genius!

Features / Commands

  • /so add <playername> = Add a player to their new player list
  • /so confirm <playername> = Confirm a player got them onto the server!
  • /so top = View players who have gotten other players onto the server
  • /so reset = Clear the top player list
  • Players cannot refer themselves, only others.
  • Players cannot refer the same person twice
  • Clearing the latest referrals list does not reset all referrals.


  • suggestothers.add Allows players to add to their referral count | /so add <playername>
  • suggestothers.confirm Allows players to confirm other referral requests | /so confirm <playername>
  • suggestothers.resetcount This allows players to reset the entire count | /so reset
  • suggestothers.viewtop This allows players to view the top counts | /so top
  • suggestothers.alert This Alerts players if a new player has been counted for.


  • None of late ? Will try to add a configurable item, but been kinda busy

Test Server

MrBlueWolf came up with the plugin and I brought it to life for him so go check his server out for an idea of what it can do.

Server name: Globacraft IP:

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Credits: aidancrane