SmeltAssist Plugin 1.7.2

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Furnace Crafting Table

Overview of SmeltAssist

Waiting for approval of v1.2.0

Current Version v1.1.0

  • With SmeltAssist, Golden Tools will no longer be useless!
  • Use Golden Tools to smelt/craft certain blocks without the use of a crafting table or furnace.
  • For now the golden tools with Fortune enchantments will not have these features (will implement this in a future update).



  • Clay Block can be converted to Hardened Clay by using a Golden Pickaxe


  • Hay Bale can be converted to 9 Wheat by using a Golden Hoe
  • Coal Block can be converted to 9 Coal by using a Golden Pickaxe


Golden Axe Golden Axe

  • Log -> Charcoal

Golden Pickaxe Golden Pickaxe

  • Iron Ore -> Iron Ingot
  • Gold Ore -> Gold Ingot
  • Cobblestone or Stone -> Stone
  • Netherrack -> Nether Brick
  • Coal Block -> 9 Coal
  • Clay Block -> Hardened Clay

Golden Shovel Golden Shovel

  • Clay -> 4 Clay Bricks
  • Gravel -> Flint
  • Sand -> Glass

Golden Hoe Golden Hoe

  • Hay Bale -> 9 Wheat

Any Golden Tool (including Golden Sword) Golden Sword Golden Axe Golden Pickaxe Golden Shovel Golden Hoe

  • Cactus -> Cactus Green Dye

How to Install

Place SmeltAssist.jar into your plugins folder which can be found inside your server folder.

  1. Restart your server to activate SmeltAssist!
  2. Enjoy! :)

Future Updates

Enable SmeltAssist for Golden Tools with the Fortune enhancement.

SmeltAssist Plugin 1.7.2 Download Link

Credits: RNAi