Skyauth Plugin 1.6.4

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Skyauth ? A simple auth plugin

This documentation is for : Skyauth v0.6.1

Skyauth is a lightweight auth plugin with a simple register / login system.

Thanks to OutGame for helping me to translate this page ?

This plugin uses MCStats and the Gravity’s Updater.

Commands and Permissions

/login <password> ? skyauth.login ? Login on the server. The player will be disconnected when his session expires. (See below.)

/logout ? skyauth.logout ? Logout from the server.

/register <password> <confirm> ? skyauth.register ? Register on the server. It will give you an unique code for changing your password later if you want.

/change <code> <password> <confirm> ? skyauth.change ? Change the password on the server. The code is gave when you register.

/reload-skyauth ? skyauth.change ? Reload the config / MySQL database.

The permission skyauth.bypass is used for bypassing all the auth system, so be careful when you use it !

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Credits: Skyost