Skeleton Boss Plugin 1.6.4

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This plugin creates the skeleton king, a skeleton that wears diamond armor, has a strength boost, and has double the ordinary health of a skeleton. Every night, there is a chance that it may spawn. The boss will choose a random player to go after and teleport to them. To let the player have a chance, both the boss and the player are invulnerable for 15 seconds to allow the player to get his sword, run away, etc.

This plugin was created as an easier boss than the Wither or Enderdragon so that players would be on the look out at all times. The boss can still kill players easily so watch out!

This plugin uses Java 7, ask if you need a Java 6 version

Review of version 3.1

Skeleton Boss Plugin Commands:

  • /spawnboss: spawns the skeleton king where the player is looking
    • Player must be Opped or have skeletonboss.spawn
  • /spawnboss2 x y z world
    • x, y, z must be numbers and world must be letters
  • /killboss: kills boss
    • Permission skeletonboss.kill

Skeleton Boss Plugin Config:

  • Probability: Higher the number, lower the chance that the boss will spawn
  • Health: Max health of the boss(A normal skeleton has 20 health)
  • Lightning: Bow strikes lightning if boss is under half health
  • Drop: can be any item that the boss will drop on death
  • Mount: Mob for the boss to ride

To do:

  • Implement dsasdaMB6’s idea
  • Fix long standing bug


  • 1.0: Release
  • 2.0: Fixed a lot of bugs
  • 2.1: Added a config file
  • 3.0: Boss can swap to a sword for close combat
  • 3.1: Boss will set fire to players when the boss is lower than half health
  • 3.2: Custom drops and mounts
  • 3.3: Boss can be spawned by players and can only spawn in specified world
  • 3.4: Console/Terminal can spawn the boss
  • 3.5: Configurable amount of Xp
  • 3.6: Configurable amount of drops
  • 3.6.1: Can kill boss


  • Check specific file

Skeleton Boss Plugin 1.6.4 Download Links:

Credits: Ghilliedrone