SignFix Plugin 1.7.2

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This plug-in provides a way to input text to sign with the command-line. (covored muti-byte character input.)


Input to sign a multi-byte text (ex.Japanese) is difficult If you don’t apply the MOD to the server. So, this plug-in for the purpose of omission of the MOD application to the server side. Stable and useful multi-byte text input MOD for the client is already exists, accordingly this plug-in doesn’t provide input method on the client side. I assume this plug-in used for the user of the client that can be input to the chat field multi-byte text.

Use Case

  • Show plugin’s help
    1. Input: /sf help
  • Inputs text to the sign
    1. Punch the Sign.
    2. Input: /sf set <Line-1> <Line-2> <Line-3> <Line-4>
  • Toggles Enable/Disable this plugin at each player.
    1. Input: /sf toggle


  • signfix.enable ? Enables this plugin’s all functions.


  • No config file.
  • Secure. The player can’t make changes to the sign that the player can’t destroy.
  • This plug-in passes the sign input from the command input contains multi-byte text, that made ??it possible to multi-byte input to the chat area by the supports of NihongoMOD or MinecraftIM.


  • Vault ? Need for permission checks.


  • GitHub :

Development Build

Dev build can be found at the below Jenkins server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

SignFix Plugin 1.7.2 Download Links

Credits: udonya